336. The Italian Language. 3 hr.; 3 cr. Humanities I, Tier II. Prereq.: Italian 224 or permission of department.
Introduction to key aspects of the Italian language. The course will provide basic linguistic tools and an overview of the historical development of the language and its dialects. Emphasis may be on such topics as Italian dialects, language use in contemporary society, Italian as an immigrant language. May be repeated for credit provided the topic is different. (Queens College)
Prof. Haller

Aesthetics of the Obscene: The Poetry of Carlo Porta and Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli - (3pts.) G4130y
Focuses on their work against the background of parody, satire and erotic-transgressive discourse in Italian literature from Cecco Angiolieri and Boccaccio to Pasolini and Gadda, and within the historical, cultural, and religious context of 19th-century Italy. Readings in the original Milanese and Romanesque with Italian and English translation. (Columbia University)
Prof. Rebay