Anthologies and Books

Dialect poetry of Southern Italy. A Trilingual Anthology

Dialect poetry of Central and Northern Italy. A Trilingual Anthology

Via terra. A Trilingual Anthology of Contemporary Italian Poetry in Dialect

Dialect Poetry of Molise. Texts and Criticism. A Trilingual Anthology

The Bread and the Rose. A Trilingual Anthology of Neapolitan Poetry from the 16th Century to the Present

, by Achille Serrao. Poems in the Neapolitan Dialect

Moliseide. Songs and Ballads in the Molisan Dialect, by Giose Rimanelli

Molisan poems, by Eugenio Cirese

Lu pavone e la sdrenga. Poems and stories in the Molisan dialect, by Giuseppe Jovine

Selected Poems of Albino Pierro. Poems in the dialect of Basilicata