Anthologies and Books

Dialect poetry of Southern Italy. A Trilingual Anthology

Dialect poetry of Central and Northern Italy. A Trilingual Anthology

Via terra. A Trilingual Anthology of Contemporary Italian Poetry in Dialect

Dialect Poetry of Molise. Texts and Criticism. A Trilingual Anthology

The Bread and the Rose. A Trilingual Anthology of Neapolitan Poetry from the 16th Century to the Present

, by Achille Serrao. Poems in the Neapolitan Dialect

Moliseide. Songs and Ballads in the Molisan Dialect, by Giose Rimanelli

Molisan poems, by Eugenio Cirese

Lu pavone e la sdrenga. Poems and stories in the Molisan dialect, by Giuseppe Jovine

Selected Poems of Albino Pierro. Poems in the dialect of Basilicata

Oriental Parnassus by Luciano Troisio

Onne e' terra by Mariano Baino. Poems in Neapolitan